Calculating the costs – financing automated solutions with AMH Material Handling

The increasing demands of ecommerce have seen many retailers invest in warehouse and supply chain automation. An automated solution, such as a conveyor system, is potentially a significant investment and certainly one that requires considerable thought and research.

It is not just the larger retailers, however, who need or can afford automation. AMH Material Handling works with companies of all sizes to find a solution for an array of material handling challenges. Once the issues have been identified, such as the need to increase throughput or improve accuracy, it is essential to establish the available budget.

Understanding what the potential project budget is before you contact providers or put out a tender can help save time for all. Once the budget has been confirmed you need to decide which supplier will use your budget wisely and deliver the best solution.


Find a supplier who will work with you and your budget

From experience, AMH Material Handling understands that ahead of consultation, most customers often have in mind an estimate of the project cost. This can come from previous experience within the industry or by talking to colleagues and contacts within the market place. This ballpark figure can be a significant factor in making a decision on which provider to approach.
Some customers, on the other hand, prefer to see an initial solution proposal and all the associated costs that go with it, before deciding whether to proceed with a supplier.

Aware that each company and its approach is different, AMH works closely with prospects to generate a solution to fit their specific requirements and budget. They listen to concerns and work closely with clients to understand the unique aspects of their business operation. Once they have a thorough grasp of the issues, AMH develops the best solution they believe will deliver the desired results. The customers can then review the costs against the scope and decide on the best way forward.


Negotiating payment terms – sign on the dotted line

As the material handling specialist, AMH takes a flexible approach with the negotiation of costs and payment terms. They work closely with customers to ensure a solution is achieved which is workable for all parties.

In addition to flexible payment terms, AMH will also provide the customer with an estimate of the return on investment (ROI). Utilising a collaborative and open approach helps AMH to consider all cost aspects and provide an accurate ROI very quickly. This information is vitally important to the procurement and governance system in order to achieve stakeholder/board approval.


Working with AMH Material Handling

AMH has a proven track record of being competitively priced within the logistics, retail and ecommerce markets. The company prides itself on providing cost effective solutions using proven equipment and technology without compromising on quality.

By working closely with customers on all aspects of the project, from initial quotes to project delivery and maintenance schemes, AMH is able to manage the financial expectations as well as the final project installation itself to ensure they match client expectations.

If you are looking to invest in an automated solution, contact AMH to discuss its tailored solutions and payment options. For an initial consultation, contact Adrian Carter on 0121 550 4342 or email