Sortation Systems

Reliable, Efficient And Fast Order Processing

Efficient distribution centres depend on high-throughput sortation systems to maintain accurate, fast order processing.

Designing the right solution requires a detailed understanding of infeed parameters and destination needs. At AMH we have a wealth of experience that ensures you’ll get the right system for your existing and future needs.

Sortation Systems That Deliver Performance

Sorters will quickly and reliably sort and transport goods with weights from 50 g up to 35 kg. Throughput rates of up to 15,000 units per hour make sorters highly efficient for goods of all types.

Sortation systems are designed to handle a wide range of items including:

  • Totes
  • Boxes
  • Parcels
  • Large mail items
  • Bundles of letters
  • Mailing bags

Although many sortation systems are linear, often space limitations and the complexity of an operation dictate a more three-dimensional approach. By using curves, elevation changes and cross-overs, your sorter will be designed for your specific needs.

Solutions range from manual, semi or fully-automatic infeed lines to destinations including cascade buffer chutes, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, wide chutes for double carriers and more.

Design A Better Solution

Tested and Proven

Your tailored sortation system will be tested at our own in-house test centre to ensure all the elements are working as designed, prior to installation onsite.

3D modelling of sortation system

3D modelling of sortation system

At AMH, we’ve designed and installed sortation systems for leading retailers, 3PLs, ecommerce businesses and parcel companies.

With increasing labour costs and the demand for faster, more responsive operations, AMH’s sortation systems will help you improve productivity, throughput capacity and accuracy in your distribution centre.

Case Studies

"AMH came onto site and they interrogated our processes. They got to the bottom of what our issues were and came up with an innovative solution."

Colin Holland, Project Manager
Clipper Logistics

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Our work is focused on the retail, ecommerce, fashion, 3PLs, dry grocery and automotive suppliers markets.

Whatever your material handling challenges, we have the experience and knowhow to deliver the best solution for your business.