Managing Ecommerce Fulfilment

The ecommerce industry is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. In order to be successful, retailers need to continuously develop their fulfilment and logistics processes to meet tomorrow’s demands. The expectations of ecommerce customers are also increasing with accuracy and faster delivery being more important than ever. To succeed long-term, online retailers need an ecommerce fulfilment process which is accurate, efficient and adaptable for future growth.

Team up with the experts

AMH Material Handling is a specialist in designing, supplying and installing bespoke automated projects for the materials handling and logistics industry. With experience of delivering solutions for the ecommerce, retail, fashion and automotive sectors, AMH understands the fulfilment issues companies face.  

Their highly skilled team will work closely with you to understand your business and your requirements. By taking the time to fully understand your existing processes and future expectations, AMH can accurately assess the best approach to solving your ecommerce fulfilment issues. From initial enquiry through to finished installation, AMH Material Handling can manage the whole process.


Future-proofed ecommerce fulfilment

AMH Material Handling produces professional solutions which automate ecommerce tasks for efficiency, speed and accuracy. These tasks can include but are not limited to:


1. The management of ecommerce product storage and fulfilment

The accurate management of stored ecommerce products and fulfilment is extremely important. When implementing an automated solution, this can include providing racking and storage solutions for products as well as the warehouse management software.

Using warehouse management software increases accuracy and ensures stock levels are maintained correctly. It also allows the business to be in control of replenishment and ensure that the customer experience of purchasing online is a positive one.


2. Receiving goods and inventory management

In addition to current stock management, AMH can also support an automated process of receiving inbound goods and inventory management. Automating the inbound receiving process whilst supporting this with an automated transport solution allows inbound stock to be made available far quicker than before. This increases the potential of sales and helps support a shorter return on investment.


3. Accurate order fulfilment

AMH will work with you to produce the best order fulfilment solution for your ecommerce operation. The team is skilled at producing automated solutions using conveyor systems and sortation systems for the quick movement of orders. From the warehouse management software through to automated picking and packaging solutions and onwards destination sortation, an AMH solution increases throughput, accuracy and efficiency.


4. Swift returns processing

As well as order fulfilment, AMH produces automated systems to handle the processing of ecommerce returns. Depending on the operation the amount of returns can vary, but for those who need to handle large volumes, automation is essential.

During peak seasons, the volume of returns can be significantly higher within a short space of time. An automated system reduces the reliance on manual handling and allows ecommerce operations to have the flexibility to increase throughput instantly. Units can become available for resale within a shorter period of time.


A world that’s constantly changing

Ecommerce fulfilment is in a constant state of flux and evolving at an unprecedented rate and AMH is mindful of this when designing projects. The automated solution which will fulfil your needs tomorrow is unlikely to meet your needs in two years’ time.

Therefore, AMH takes a modular approach to ecommerce projects – not only ensuring that the system is fit for purpose but also that it can be modified or expanded on in the future. This guarantees the system can adapt to ecommerce developments as well as any changes in the company itself such as potential relocation to larger facilities.

If you are looking to automate your ecommerce facility and would like to discuss your options, contact Adrian Carter for an initial consultation on 0121 550 4342 or email