Material handling maintenance plans – A simple guide to getting the best deal

When it comes to material handling maintenance plans there can often be two general schools of thought. There are those who think strategically and understand that maintenance is essential, not only for operational uptime and product throughput, but also to ensure legal compliance and maximise equipment lifespan. Then there are those that employ a more short term approach, not considering or sometimes even being aware of the ongoing equipment requirements. As a consequence, they often omit maintenance plans from the budget once the initial capital expenditure is complete.

Although more investment is required initially, the long term approach pays dividends later on. The impact of machine downtime in large installations is significant. Consequently, many companies now consider the investment in a maintenance agreement as an essential part of the overall cost of their machinery. In this way they are not only maximising the life of their equipment, but also minimising the cost of its replacement.

Other companies, however, whilst keen to reap the rewards of an automated solution have not considered a maintenance plan. They tend to budget only for the initial outlay of their material handling equipment without considering the consequences of what can happen further down the line – inevitable equipment deterioration and potential breakages.

How can you make sure that you’re getting the best deal?

It makes sense to talk to a professional company about your expectations before you embark on a plan for the future. Companies like AMH Material Handling offer a comprehensive range of maintenance packages, all tailored to suit the individual customer. The company offers solutions that range from annual maintenance contracts servicing a simple transport conveyor by a mobile engineer, to a residential team servicing a fully automated warehouse 24/7.

Consider how quickly you need to get a piece of machinery up and running again after a breakdown. Do you need it working within four hours or will it wait until the next day? Are there certain times of the year when it’s essential that any problems are fixed immediately, and other times when it is less important?

If you can indicate your precise requirements it will ensure that your partner company can give you a bespoke deal at the best price that will work for you.

A team you can trust

AMH is trusted by many of the UK’s leading retail and logistics companies to provide maintenance and support for their complex installations. They employ a national team of support engineers to ensure a rapid response to customers around the UK.     

Prevention is better than a cure

There is no doubt that the lifecycle of a particular piece of material handling equipment can be measured by how frequently it has been maintained. There are steps you can take that will not only prolong the life of your equipment but also save you money.

Depending on your agreement, AMH may send in an engineer to conduct preventative maintenance once every three months. If, in the meantime, you appoint a key colleague to do an overall clean-up and check once a week, it can make a substantial difference to the condition of the machinery.

A personalised approach

AMH understands that every company has its own unique needs and requirements and so is experienced in providing bespoke levels of service. Whether it is an engineer on site, a routine inspection or 24/7 telephone support 365 days a year, AMH will produce a plan that suits your operation and keeps it performing at its maximum potential.

If you are looking to reduce possible downtime and system running costs, contact AMH to discuss its tailored packages and levels of service and support.

Whether your system was installed by AMH or an alternative supplier, contact Michael Ryan on 0121 550 4342 or email